Thermal Dye Sublimation printing is one of the currently most advanced thermal transfer technology.

Thermal Dye Sublimation printing has became the new international popular jersey environmental printing technology. Many soccer clubs and national team already adopted thermal dye sublimation technology on their jersey, among them, Japanese jersey is the leader. Thermal dye sublimation technology successfully integrated arts and fashion into jersey which deeply loved by fans.

Using a special dye sublimation inks, with advanced digital printing technology, the designs printed on special transfer paper, by heating and pressurizing the dye molecules and molecular pattern of the fabric bonded to each other to form a colorful cloth on pattern. Dye sublimation broke the traditional offset imprisonment, without restrictions of colors, patterns and fonts. Dye sublimation itself does not destroy the fabric softness, but can maintain the fabric breathable, absorbent. Dye sublimation goods that Unique sales uses imported green dye (azo, formaldehyde, PH value, reached EU standards), which are colorful and color fastness reach level 4.

Different from traditional jersey, we can present the design and follow up fashion perfectly due to no limitation on printing area and professional Pantone color. In addition, all added pattern, such as, team badge, advertising, number, etc., can be produced through sublimation, saving the post-processing step, and greatly reducing the weight of jersey. the manufacturing cost can be reduced. Furthermore, dye-sublimation printing does not affect the characteristics of the original fabric; the aim is to keep four major elements- lightweight, breathable, quick-drying and silky coexist, so the function of jersey is greatly enhanced.  

Each soccer team should have their own unique jersey. We are not only actively customized for your unique products but also will be happy to provide you with professional and meticulous service, with which customers will be satisfied.


Fabric analysis

Wicking, Lightweight quick-drying,

functional mesh sports honeycomb fabric Special treated fabric,

anti-pilling, strong elasticity, not easily be deformed Dense fabric,

no irritation when touching skin, good ventilation,

no side effects Texture clear, beautiful rich color and wash often new.




Traditional Jersey VS Thermal Dye Sublimation Jersey



  Traditional Jersey Thermal Dye Sublimation Jersey
Jersey Design ♦ Use exiting products ;style, color and size is limited, usually lack creation because of technology limit. ♦ Any design, any color, any pattern and any style. You can create your own unique jersey
Word Design ♦ Usually the choices of thermoprinting word and color are few. The number which is offset, the names and the team name are easy to disappear after washed. ♦ Besides ordinary word, we offer creative word and you can match your color as you like. You can add the emblem to your number.
Emblem Design ♦ No emblem design ♦ Professional emblem design
Processing ♦ Ordinary hot words or silk-screen printing. ♦ Combine thermal dye sublimation making jersey and processing(number, names, emblem, advertisement and so on)
Weight ♦ Ordinary jersey including processed pattern weighs about 220g to 250g ♦ Jersey including pattern only weighs about 200g which is 20% lighter than the traditional one without hot words and embroidery.
Fabric ♦ Fabric color is limited because manufacture material is limited. ♦ Introduce light-weight athletic type of fine mesh fabric,which is portable, quick-drying, air permeable ;thermal dye sublimation printing doesn’t affect the soft and permeability of the fabric. You can choose any color as you like.
Durability ♦ Usually hot words will lose shape or even shed after washed a few times. ♦ Because the pictures have been vaporized into cloth, without sheding words, this jersey looks new all the time and can be used forever.
Size ♦ Usually spot goods only has adult size. ♦ Kids size, adults size and special size all sizes are guaranteed.
Additional Order ♦ Usually new style will be out of stock very soon. ♦ Any time can be made according to the original manuscript and additional order.
Price ♦ Domestic price is 350 yuan to 5oo yuan per suit (European price is 50 euros to 80 euros; Japanese price is 10,000 yen), depending on the style. ♦ You can choose any shirts and pants. The price is affordable.
Brand ♦ The cost of brand Jersey is high. ♦ As producer, we can create a band for you.